Monday, November 25, 2013

How To Attract Women With Online Dating

The online dating scene is attracting thousands of people everyday. Online dating has become a resource that keeps many with a date every weekend and still there are some that can't even hold a decent screen chat. The difference is the ability to hold interest. Flexing in pictures and taking lewd shots don't attract the winners, it will only repel them. If you have had problems off line you most likely have bought them online as well. 

5 Ways To Attract Women With Online Dating

It is very hard to disguise the real you for long. A perfect profile and a few safe messages can only take you so far. You will eventually have to speak to the one you find suitable to you. You will have to be:
  1. Confident - Women can smell a lack of confidence within seconds. This is a turn off and she will disappear unless she also has low self esteem.
  2. Honest - Be honest in your profile, there is someone for you that you can be yourself with.
  3. Good listener - If you cut off the women you want to one day meet, you might as well have told her she is not worth listening to. She will disappear.
  4. Interesting - Talking about something interesting or intriguing make you more interesting and informative. Women like that. 
  5. Funny - Women like a man wiith a since of humor. You don't have to be silly but don't be too serious either. Keeping it light will allow her to be more comfortable.
Attracting a women on an online dating site has it's good points, you have all of the beauties in front of you for the picking. This is great, except that you have to learn how to separate the gems from the stones. You first have to become what you are looking for. 
  • Learn something new, so that you have something interesting to talk about. A women loves a man that is willing to improve himself.
  • Ask questions about your love interest. A women wants to know that you find her interesting beyond her body.If not move on, you can find what your looking for and be compatible. Why waste your time?
  • Be compatible. Having more than one thing in  common will make talking and spending time a deal breaker, even if you decide being a pen pal is best. You never know what the future holds.
As you can see online dating is a great place to meet and attract women if you know how. Don't leave your profile empty. Tell the women on the dating sight what you are looking for with confidence. Don't be the jerk that says "find out later" for everything. Give them a taste of who you are and what you want. If you don't, you will be passed over for the ones who did.

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